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Chef Adams

Chef Adams was born Adam Edward Semeniuk on a farm near Sturgis, Saskatchewan in 1929. In his late teens, he left home and worked at various jobs around his hometown. He played at weddings, dances, and jamborees until 1952 when he moved to Toronto. While working at a local restaurant, he earned the nickname 'Chef'.

In 1953 he organized The Country Rhythm Kings. He later signed a contract with Quality Records, who release his first single, Now that You're Gone Marilyn Bell, in 1957. When the label wanted him to sing rock rather than country, he left.

He teamed up with Yvonne Terry in 1963-64 to form a duo. By the early 1970s he was recording for Marathon Recod under the name Chef Adams and The Adams Boys. He continued to record until the late 1970s. By 1990 he was living in semi-retirement and only playing occasionally.


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